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She Went For Jogging And Now Is Fighting For Her Life. The Reason Will Shock You

Just imagine someone who went for jogging and came back injured severely. What if it would have happened to any of your friends? I don’t know what you must have done, but if I were there in that condition, then I would have surely gone fainted at the first place.

I’m not talking all this just for fun, actually, the same incident occurred with two cousins who went for jogging and got chased by four pit bulls. Know more about the accident in this article.

Meet the two cousins Isabella George and Rebekah Forgey.


The two young women from Carroll County, Indiana went for an afternoon jog.

What happened to them is harrowing.


The story begins here.

Four pit bulls chased the young ladies viciously


At first, the duo stood still.



..when they saw the dogs running in an unstoppable manner, both of them ran towards a nearby field to escape the attack. But, unfortunately, nothing worked and they got brutally attacked by the cunning dogs.

The owner of the dogs tried to control them..


..but, that too didn’t work.



..a woman who was passing by a car saw the incident and drove her car into the field and helped in scattering the dogs. She immediately took the two girls to the hospital.



..both are struggling hard for their lives. George, 19, was bitten badly from head to toe, and Forgey’s flesh was ripped from scalp and muscles were torn from the leg. Hope both of them get well soon.

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