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This Is What Your Birth Number Reveals About Your Personality

Ever wondered what does the sum of the letters of your name mean? Recently, while taking an interest in the same, I came across the field of Numerology.

Numerology is the study of numbers. No, it is not a mathematical field but related to astrology. Certain numbers express particular traits of individuals. Each letter is attributed with a certain numeric value which in turn has a direct relationship with the cosmic vibrations.

This process finds out a single digit by adding up specific letters in your full name. The sum is known as Birth Number. This figure shows many things about your character and skills.

Even if you are sceptical about believing this, there is no harm in giving this a try. At least, you will have some fun moments.

Picking the right letters.

Interplay of numbers and attractive abstract forms on the subject of mathematics science computing modern technologies and numerology

You need to identify all the vowels in your full name. It should include the vowels from your name, as well as, surname.

Value of letters.


The calculation method starts when you associate each vowel with a number. Here, A = 1, E = 2, I = 3, O = 4 and U = 5.

The calculation.


Add the vowels to select a number and then see what it reveals about you. If you get double digits, then break them up and add to get a single digit. For instance, if it adds to 69, you need to do 6+9 = 15 and the 1+5 = 6. Remember, you need to get a single digit.

Number 1


Positive: You are a born leader and endowed with the quality of strength. It is your confidence that makes you different from others. Versatility and creativity are your inherent nature.

Negative: Your ego is often a hindrance to your path and you also need to work a little on humility.

Number 2


Positive: Your skill of interpersonal communication always takes you to the path of popularity. Your work towards something is not because of praise or recognition but for achievement. The icing on the cake is your empathetic nature.

Negative: You often tend to linger between being exceptionally emotional to completely indifferent. Due to this at times, you hurt yourself or end up hurting others.

Number 3


Positive: Your adventurous nature always keeps your life exciting. Your stronghold over communication helps you in getting out even from the most adverse situations. Also, the unbound optimism is your source of inspiring others towards a positive life.

Negative: Often your portrayal is superficial and other may mistake your nature as unfocused.

Number 4


Positive: Your potential is unbound because you have numerous energies dwelling inside you.

Negative: You need to organize your energy and focus on reaching success.

Number 5

The autumn flower of sun flare.

Positive: The word which describes you the best is freedom. Your capability to learn new things and form patterns is admirable.

Negative: You need to work on your impatient and restless manner.

Number 6


Positive: Your demand for perfection from yourself is a driving factor which brings you into the limelight. Your appreciation and love for others help you in forming strong bonds.

Negative: At times, your overly critical nature is perceived as being negative.

Number 7


Positive: You are thoughtful, full of wisdom and have an analytical mind. You can never be backed down by any situation and being self-sufficient is your inherent nature.

Negative: You can be egoistic and selfish at times.

Number 8


Positive: Business is in your blood. You are blessed with organizational and administrative skills and your execution process is absolutely natural.

Negative: Your over ambition at times brings out your rigid nature.

Number 9


Positive: You live in a creative world and your expression is often guided by tactful imagination. Others get inspired by you to reach their goals.

Negative: You need to carefully hone your skills or it will have a negative impact on your life.






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