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Can You Guess Which One Of These Endangered Species Can Save Lives Of The Other Three?

A lot of endangered species are struggling for their existence but every animal is not fortunate enough to survive the war of extinction. According to the reports of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, nearly 20,000 animals are facing the threat of extinction.

Fortunately, there are weirdest and rarest endangered species which exists even today. But the day is not far when we will be left with only the images of these extinct animals. Do you know which one animal has the power to save the other three?

Rhino is important to maintain balance in the ecosystem.


There are 5 species of Rhinos present in Africa and Asia. They love to eat and sleep all alone. There is demand for Rhino horns all around the world.

But their numbers have been falling continuously.


Drones and private armies are used to protect this endangered species. Fortunately, the southern white rhino are abundant. But the numbers of Sumatran and Javan rhinos are less than 100. There are only 3 species of northern white rhinos left in the world.

Image of proboscis monkey.


Every animal is not as fortunate as Rhino. Some of the species such as this proboscis monkey doesn’t even have the recognition in wildlife. They are just ignored because of their bad looks or uselessness.

But saving a rhino can actually save the life of other animals too.


It’s because rhinos need a large piece of land to survive. The habitat of rhinos can save the life of their unfortunate neighbors as well.

Meet this pinecone-looking pangolin.


Pangolins are the world’s most traded mammals. Their scales are used in preparing traditional Chinese medicine. This shy nocturnal creature is considered as a luxury item in Vietnam and China.

This weird looking creature smells awful.


Poor pangolins doesn’t have high profile like elephants or rhinos. The anti-poaching laws which are passed to protect rhinos can save the life of this poor species too.

Image showing the lovely family of Asian tiny-clawed otters.

33rzmln7wuzfi48hea3lProtecting the habitat of Sumatran Rhino can save the life of these adorable creatures too.

Image of sleeping binturong also known as Weasel.


Binturong is also dependent on rhino for his existence. These creatures smell like popcorn and look adorable when they laugh.

Image showing the extinct species of clouded leopard.

2sjvvd3etpytl8o5gvf9There are only few clouded leopard left now and saving the life of Rhinos will be like boon for them.

Female white rhinos require habitat of nearly 12 square miles.


Don’t you feel that saving this flagship species will be a blessing for wild life? Share this wonderful story of wildlife conservation with your friends and family.




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