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14 Historically Significant Photographs That Will Leave You Speechless

Photography is an art, it is a language of communicating through standstills. When a photograph is taken, it captures a moment. The moment may be blissful, tragic or even hilarious. But it is a part of history as your own.

Here are a few photographs which tell a new story of their own, rendering you and enabling to speak, so great is their power.

There is something amazingly romantic about War Vetrans.


A World War II veteran, 86, completely dressed with every medal he has earned, hails from Belarus and is Konstantin Pronin. He is waiting for his comrades. Every year Konstantin makes sure he is present in full uniform. It is believed that this year he was the only soldier to show up.

The two stories this picture depicts is what life truly is.


On one side are two blissfully ignorant and happy women who are enjoying a casual lunch at a dinner. On the other is this poor wretched man who sleeps outside yearning for food.

The Nazi Rally Captured.


The huge numbers gathered here were meant to be impressive.

The photographer here is the only human to ever exist out of the frame of this photograph.


The first picture of our mother Earth taken, taken by astronaut Michael Collin, while circling the moon. The tiny white, blue thing there is our Gigantic Earth.

The graveness of ones own actions.


This picture depicts a person who went in shock after tragically hitting and eventually killing a young boy in an accident.

The cruelity that humans are capable of amazes me.


This one shows a Turkish official teases starving Armenian children by showing them a piece of bread during the Armenian Genocide in 1915. Horrendous and tragic.

This guy saw his own death coming at him.


A Filipino politician took this photograph himself, just a few minutes before being assassinated. The guy with the revolver who killed him is clearly visible in the picture.

Humanity still exists?


A monk prays for a dead man in the station hall of the Shanxi Taiyuan Train Station, China. The man died suddenly of natural causes while waiting for a train.

This is not a painting, this is an actual photograph.


These are the orange Sossusvlei sand dunes in Namibia.

The last Jew Alive! Goosebumps.


This iconic image was found in a German’s Photograph album with the words, “The last Jew in Vinnitsa”, written at the back. The man’s eyes are haunting and the atrocities committed by the Nazis render you speechless.

Man using a suicide hot-line to seek counselling. Gives you hope.


The authorities have installed a suicide hot-line at the golden gate bridge. For those individuals who come there with the purpose of ending their lives.

The moment of Liberation.


This photograph was captured when the Jews finally came to know that they no longer have to die. Their elated faces say it all. Such is the significance.

In the face of danger!


The lone man standing on the lighthouse, a midst the horrific waves, is either extremely foolish or extremely brave.

The young boy standing up for the violence against him mother.


A young guys standing up for the violence against his own father. Speaks up for the braveness and courage and his love for his dear mother.





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