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Really Cool Facts About Dreams

Dreams Prevent Psychosis

Dreams help keep you mentally on track. Studies show that participants who were woken up at the start of each dream showed signs of psychosis after just three days. Good to know.


REM Sleep Disorder

Yes, you heard that right. There is actually a disorder that can happen while you sleep, other than Sleep Apnea. It’s called REM Sleep Behavioral Disorder. People act out their dreams in the form of kicks, screams and thrashing. This disorder sometimes predicts brain disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease.


Warning Dreams

Dreams are symbolic in nature. Strange dreams can give you clues as to what’s going on in your waking life. Dreaming of something, such as dirty water, can possibly signify a dormant health issue.


Lucid Dreaming

You know you are lucid dreaming when you wake up while still inside your dream. You find that you can dictate what happens in your dream. Studies show that video gamers report having more lucid dreams that other people.


Snoring and Dreaming

We know that snoring sometimes indicates problems, such as Sleep Apnea. What surprised us, however, was learning what we did about the connection between dreaming and snoring. It appears that people don’t dream while snoring.


Dream Inventors

Did you know that some famous people became so because of a dream they had one night? It’s true because this is how the whole “Twilight” series got started. Famous Beetle, Paul McCartney dreamed up the hit song “Yesterday.”


When Men Dream

Studies show that men dream about being outside more than women do. Men also dream about six more than women do. Male nightmares show more aggressive tendencies, such as getting into fights.


When Women Dream

Women often dream that they’re inside a house, with other people around. Nightmares can include getting chased, losing a loved one and winding up lost. Studies show that women tend to have vivid dreams while pregnant.


Precognitive Dreams

From time to time dreamers dream about the future. These types of dreams are called precognitive dreams. The most famous case of this type of dream is when Abraham Lincoln saw his own death. Three days later, as we all know, he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.


Duration of Dreams

Dreams last a certain amount of time depending on what part of the night your are sleeping. Shorter dreams take place after you first fall asleep. You dream for up to 45 minutes the closer you are to waking.


Dreams About Falling

Dreams about falling happen at the beginning of the night. This sleep cycle is known as Stage 1 sleep. Dreamers sometimes dream about falling when they wake up with a sudden “jerking” motion. Other times, falling tends to refer to someone who feels out of control in their waking life.


Color Verses Black and White

Some people, as much as 12 percent, dream in black and white. They don’t see any color at all in their dreams. Sleep experts do not know if color verses black and white changes the emotional level felt in a dream.


Todders and Dreams

Toddlers dream just like the rest of us. However, what they dream about differs from older children and adults. Little ones of this age do not dream about themselves until three years old.


Dreaming When Blind

Blind people dream just a much as those with sight. They even dream about the same images if they became blind after birth. People who are born blind dream with senses other than sight.


Common Nightmares

People often have the same type of scary nightmare. For example, being chased by a monster is a common dream theme in adults and children include being chased, getting lost, teeth falling out, falling and drowning.


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