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Lindsay Lohan and Other Celebs Photoshopping on Instagram

Lindsay Lohan’s Social Media

Has LiLo’s been doctoring up her Instagram pics where she’s garnered 3.1m followers? When she upload the pic below, some were quick to point out the wobbly-looking door in the background, “citing it as a sign of modification”. One Instagram user commented: “Damn she photo shopped her leg to be smaller and ass to be bigger look at the door”.


Foul Play LiLo?

In another Lindsay Lohan Instagram pic, look closely at the bottles on the background counter to the right side of her, notice they’re slanted instead of standing straight? The effect does give the celeb a super taut tummy, but is it worth social media comments like these: “Lmao the photoshop is so obvious in this one”, and “You don’t need to photoshop yourself”?


Miranda Kerr

The incredibly beautiful and trim model attended a 2013 Michael Kors event in Japan, and it seems she wasn’t immune to using Photoshop to make her frame even smaller. . check out the slightly wavy carpet in this pic?


Kim Kardashian

Kim’s trip to the Versace house back in March 2014 had her facing criticism for the “slimmer” picture of her on the right. . . Shall we blame it on a “skinny mirror” reflection or is it Photoshop?


Beyonce’s Figure?

A telltale sign of Photoshop use are uneven background lines, especially when it comes to altering a body’s figure. Beyonce standing in front of these vertical curtains gives way to them being “wavy” near her waist, this likely shows her extreme hour glass figure is due to photo manipulation.


Beyonce On Holiday

Okay, it appears the sexy singer is no stranger when it comes to using Photoshop, as she’s been accused of slimming down her snaps. . . remember the debate about her thigh gap last September? And notice while holidaying in the South of France, her waist appears smaller on the right, while wearing the same outfit.


John Mayer Becomes An Alien

The singer-songwriter’s followers on Instagram got a shock with this bizarre selfie of him hanging out with good friend Ricky Van Veen. We certainly do NOT believe the good lookin’ celeb woke up looking like this. Could Mayer be simply trolling his followers?


Holly Hagan

The British TV personality has lost weight since last year, BUT how is it that her waist “looked slimmer in this picture posted to Instagram (right) around the same time that she attended the NTAs (left)”. Could she be on what’s known as the Photoshop diet?


Charlotte Crosby

Wow, these two photos were taken just two days apart while the British reality star holidayed in February. In the left pic taken by paparazzi she looks much “heavier” than she does in her Instagram snap on the right. Sorry Crosby. . . even “starving” for two days can’t slim anyone down this dramatically.


Aubrey O’Day

The singer shared photos of her stunning curvy figure while playing in a swimming pool last year with friends, BUT notice the the wonky chair to her left. . . it’s a sign that her waist and booty are likely altered.


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