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How To Start a Fire With a LEMON

Lemon Fire Starter

You may find yourself stranded out in the wild, with very few resources to keep you warm or alive. But you should be just find if you pack a lemon, six copper clips, six nails, wire and steal wool with you!


Insert Nails & Copper

Start by puncturing the lemon with your copper clips and nails, each a cm apart and on the same side.


Connect Them

Now you take your wire and connect the first copper clip to the second nail on the opposite side. The second copper clip is then connected to the third nail…and so on. A reaction between the copper and nail, which instantly creates electricity.



After adding wire to each side, you can now start a fire, as five volts of electricity will be created with the help of your lemon.


That Simple!

There you have it folks, a simple way to create fire for warmth and food if you ever find yourself stranded without supplies!




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