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Engagement Rings That Will Make Every GIRL GEEK Say YES

Say “I love you” to your favorite Dr. Who fan.
I want to grow old with you, darling. And then regenerate.

The box even makes noise when it’s opened.


This Legend of Zelda-inspired ring absolutely hyrules! How could she not say hai-ya.

zelda 2

“Will you be my companion cube?”
Hopefully the wedding cake is not a lie.


Let your sweetheart know how much you care, by presenting her the least romantic chapter from the entire series.
Doesn’t matter. Love is an open gryffindoor.


The ultimate ring for any Poke-fan.
I want to be the very best husband, like no one ever was.


This DNA ring is perfect for scientists in love.
But when will I find my special someone? *SIGH* Chromosomeday….


After hatching a plan for many months, hopefully she’ll say “Yes!” to this Yoshi-inspired box.


It almost looks like an ordinary engagement ring. But it’s more than meets the eye.

cc87b931180f0b7db0e0a7d311a82493.600xDon’t let anyone in on the surprise. No one likes a snitch, except for this one!


R2 may not be the best communicator in the world, but for some reason, it’s adorable! It’s time we take this human relationship to the next level.


Up Up
Down Down
Left Right
Left Right
Start…the rest of your lives together!


Marriage: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Hubby. It’s continuing mission: seek out new ways to love one another, to raise brave young children, to go on vacation where no couple has gone before.


You don’t need a lasso of truth to get her to say “Yes!” If she’s your wonder woman, you’ll both know.


I bent over backwards to get this ring engraved. But baby when I’m with you, we bend time and space.


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