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5 Most Bizarre Definitions Of Sexy Around The World

Crooked teeth


While north Americans put so much emphasis on braces in order to have that perfectly straight smile, in Japan, the yaeba phenomenon is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Yaeba literally means “double tooth” and it is the art of purposely giving yourself crooked teeth. People in Japan love the snaggletooth because it apparently makes a woman look more cute and youthful… Kinda like when a kid’s teeth haven’t fully grown in yet. Women looking to score this look can get a procedure called ‘tsuke yaeba’ which caps the regular tooth with a snaggletooth for the low price of $400 US per tooth! The yaeba craze has even spawned an all-yaeba Japanese girl group called TYB48.

Ear stretching


Ear stretching is a beauty practice in many parts of Africa, particularly amongst the Maasai men & women of Kenya. The earlobes are gradually stretched out using heavy jewelry, stones, and bits of elephant tusk. The larger and more elongated the holes are, the more appealing they become as they show who has been in the tribe longest. Once they have been stretched, the holes are adorned with beautiful jewelry and beadwork.

Big booties


In the Kim Kardashian era, big butts suddenly became the envy of many a woman in North America. The buttocks infatuation only continues to grow with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, and Jennifer Lopez, all setting standards for what a sexy butt should look like. Much emphasis has been put on the female posterior specifically in the west, as women focus on plumping up their bums and proudly parading them around, with women in other parts of the world such as Korea, not really understanding the appeal.

Lip plates


Certain African and amazonian tribes have a beauty standard that others may find strange, but amongst these groups, it has become a beautiful tradition to wear large lip plates. When a girl reaches puberty, her two bottom teeth are removed to make way for a piercing in the lower lip. A clay or wooden plate is then inserted into the hole and is gradually replaced with larger plates as she gets older, similar to the ear stretching practice. The larger the plate, the more desirable the woman becomes, as a large plate signifies beauty, maturity, and a woman’s value in cattle.

Foot binding


Also knows as “lotus” feet, foot binding was the practice in imperial China. Of binding a girl’s feet when she reached the age of five, to stop them from growing. The toes were bent underneath the sole of the foot which was a very dangerous procedure resulting in illness, infection, and even death. Women with lotus feet were identified by their unique walk and foot shape and were considered the most beautiful and sexually pleasing. Because their feet meant they were of such high status that they didn’t have to work. Those who were poor and were unable to have their feet bound. Meant that they needed their regular foot shape to work all day long, this giving them a lower rank in society. This practice was banned in 1912 but up until recently, elderly Chinese women could be seen bearing the lasting effects of foot binding.



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