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This Father Lost His Temper, When He Reaches Over To His Baby… I’m Shocked. Father who beat his infant son to death, while driving, will be tried as mentally stable.

Daniel Cox, 35, Charged With The Death Of 4-Year Old Son

Daniel Cox, 35, has been charged with the death of his four-month old son, Jayceon Chrystie, after beating him to death on a Kentucky highway road, while he was driving.


Has Been Deemed Mentally Competent To Stand In Trial

After being arrested, Cox was sent to Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center for evaluation and has been deemed mentally competent. He will stand trial in his son’s death and will be charged with a count of murder-domestic violence.


Witness Say Infant In A Car Seat Being Beat By A Man On The Highway

The tragedy occurred last summer, when a witness dialed 911 indicating she saw a man on the highway beating a child in a baby seat. Cox then left the unresponsive baby with the mother, Kimberly Ann Chrystie. Jayceon’s eye were swollen shut and he had no pulse.


Jayceon Didn’t Survive And Father Will Be Charged With Murder-Domestic Violence

Authorities were called and Jayceon was rushed to the hospital, but died two days later. The cause of death was “inflicted traumatic injury to the head”.



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