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She Thought Her Foot Was Dying, but When She PULLED OFF HER SKIN It’s Pretty Crazy

Horrible Dead Feet Skin!

Geez, did this person walk across the country barefooted? Their feet has seen tough times! The skin has apparently died, was it with the help of a chemical peel? Either way, it must be satisfying to get it ALL OFF! Omg, now the peeling process begins!


Working on The Toes..

They get to working on the toes, but soon give up on the small bits of skin peeling off there. . . Perhaps a good scrubbing would work better?


Dealing With The Foot’s Heel..

The brittle thick skin of the heel also comes off in small bits. . . Urgh!


It’s Almost Finished!

Whoa, this persons feet now looks like baby skin, all pink and much softer looking. That’s a lot of dead derma skin they’ve removed! Now all these feet need is a good scrub, wash and moisturizing cream!



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