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Child Stars You Never Thought Would Grow Up To Be This Super Attractive, Is A Real Hottie

That Kid From Little Miss Sunshine

Abigail Breslin was that weird looking kid in Little Miss Sunshine. Who knew she would get hot.


That Kid From Harriet The Spy

Michelle Trachtenberg was in Harriet The Spy as a weird looking kid but then grew up and got sexy in Eurotrip.


That Kid From Chronicle Of Narnia

Georgie Henley was just 10 years old when she played Lucy in The Chronicle of Narnia. Now she’s a total babe.


That Kid From Jerry MaGuire

Jonathan Lipnicki was that adorable kid in Jerry MaGuire. Now he’s a hot hunk.


The Kid From Cousin Skeeter

Meagan Good played an awkward kid on the third season of “Cousin Skeeter”. Since then she’s really grown up and got a spot in 50 Cent’s music video for “21 Questions.”


The Kid From The Orphan

Isabelle Fuhrman played a creepy kid in “The Orphan” but is now in big movies like “The Hunger Games”.


That Kid From Even Steven

Yeah it’s Shia LaBeouf. He was that dorky looking kid on Disney’s “Even Steven” and is now that weird hunk in “Transformers” and that weird Sia music video.



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