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What To Do When Anal Goes Wrong

Know Your Anatomy

Know where your rectum and anus are and how to differentiate between the two if an injury occurs. For instance an injury to your rectum could appear to be bleeding from your anus, but it is much more serious. You should be able to identify the normal function of the sphincter, but most importantly abnormal function or damage.


Rectal Bleeding

Rectal bleeding can be caused by multiple things, and could also indicate damage to multiple areas as well. Bleeding can be an indicator of a tear called a fissure in the tissues of both the anus and rectum. Anal fissures can be treated without a docto


Treating The Anal Fissure

To self treat the fissures you obviously should not have intercourse until they are fully healed. Soaking in a warm bath 2-3 times daily can speed the healing process. Eat a high fiber diet an take laxatives to reduce strain on the tissue, and be sure to keep it very clean to avoid infection. More serious tears will require a doctors attention and they will usually prescribe ointments. You may need surgery if it severe.


Perforation Of The Colon

A perforated colon can be caused by using toys or inserting objects; a perforation is very serious an can be fatal, you need to see a doctor immediately-don’t try to self treat this. This will be painful, bloody and you’ll likely get a fever. If bleeding is excessive and lasts longer than a few days you obviously need to seek attention.



You may or may not already have hemorrhoids, but they can be caused by anal intercourse. A hemorrhoid is a ruptured blood vessel that extends beyond the anus. They are painful and will be easy to detect. Typically you can treat hemorrhoids with over the counter ointments and warm baths. If they don’t go away you will want to go to the doctor as soon as possible because you won’t be able to sit down.


Rectal Prolapse

Rectal prolapse is cause by essentially “overdoing it” or succumbing your rectal and anal muscles to trauma which causes the muscles to essentially “give out” and stop holding your intestines inside your body. You will know right away when your rectum has prolapses because it will look like your guts are falling out.


Treating Your Rectal Prolapse

The first thing you should do is try and relax your muscles to allow the rectum to go back inside naturally. If it doesn’t recede then you will obviously need to seek emergency attention; DO NOT try and push it back in, this may cause it to twist or tear. Avoid sitting and standing ( lay down as much as possible). Most prolapses will require surgery and a course of prescriptions from your doc.


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