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Dining Mistakes You’re Making That You Never Knew About

Utensils Signals

Did you know you can communicate with your waitstaff without saying a word? Here are positions for your utensils that’ll speak up for you!


Chopstick Etiquette

Who doesn’t rub their wooden chopsticks together when they come out of their paper wrapper? Apparently in expensive Far East Asian dinning it’s considered rude. Thankfully those restaurants have the expensive chop sticks that don’t need rubbing.


Japanese Chopstick Etiquette

Resting your chopsticks across your bowl is considered a big no no, instead place chopsticks on the chopstick rest.


More On Chopsticks

Yikes, never do this! Don’t stand your chopsticks in your rice bowl, it’s considered an offering to the dead!


Cutlery Utensils

Avoid holding your knife like a dagger or place it back on the table once you’ve picked them up. Bad manners!


Salt & Pepper

ALWAYS pass the salt and pepper together and NEVER separately.


An Informal Setting

Are you doing the dinner setting this Holiday Season? This is considered an INFORMAL setting. Geez, who knew there were even rules for being informal?


Formal Settings

And this is what a FORMAL dining set up looks like. Notice all utensils sit on the sides of the plate and never on top..


Napkin Rules

Napkins are used for one thing only, and that’s dabbing a mouth. Never wipe your mouth with a napkin, you should always dab!


Formal Setting: Glasses and Wine

You can have up to four glasses. The top left glass is for red wine. Directly below that you will find the white wine glass. At the top right you will find a champagne glass or perhaps a smaller glass for dessert wines or port. On the bottom right is your water glass.




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