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Gaza Zoo Looks Normal From Outside But When You Visit It… Horrifying!

In a zoo at South Africa, there is a cage which has a sarcastic notice that reads, “The world’s most dangerous animal.” No animal resides inside it, but a mirror where you see yourself. The zoo is empty, and there is no roar of a lion, no little creatures, and no wild species but only mirrors to show the mightiest animal, hidden behind the human face.

The zoo of Gaza conveys the similar story but in some other way. Khan Younis zoo in the impoverished Gaza strip was founded in 2007 and just after a few years, the park turned into a grave of dead animals. The war between Israel and Hamas in 2008 and disputes between Israel and Palestinian Militants in 2014 forced the people and zoo staff to leave the place. But, animals were left there to starve to death.

The dead animals are still there; their bodies are mummified and put on the display by the founder of the zoo. Now, these soul-free and breathless animals in the zoo need no protection. They are no more dependent on the humans, The spirit of animals should thank humans for the wars and conflicts and making them free from the ruthless world.

The new animal park named Khan Younis was opened by Mohammed Awaida in the impoverished Gaza strip in 2007.


The government body did not contribute and look after the animals’ protection in the zoo. It was virtually unsupervised.


One year later, at the end of 2008, Israel attacked Hamas and Gaza war began.


The war conditions forced zoo staff to flee, neglecting the animals’ protection and security.


Once again in 2014, the history repeated itself and due to the aftermath of Gaza war, Israel attacked Palestinian Militants.


Once again the crowd had to leave the place making the zoo and zoo animals abandoned.


The animals were starved to death. Hundreds of animals in the zoo were terribly died of starvation.


Mr. Awaida then came with the thought of restoring the animals’ bodies, for which, he learnt taxidermy skills from the web.


The dead remains of animals are now mummified and displayed in the zoo. It is indeed the worst zoo in the world.


Specimens of lions, cheetahs, tigers, monkeys, crocodiles are displayed in the zoo.


The proud animals are turned into the horrifying statues.


Animals are now left like gnomes who look after the underground treasure.


They sadly no more consider the place like a zoo but call it a prison.


We are the mightiest, sometimes even more than the god. We can create wars for any of our purposes and destroy thousands of lives which include the lives of innocents as well. Indeed, man is the most dangerous animal on the planet.

Share and forward the story to the masses and spread the word about animal safety and security because every life has the similar value.


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