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This Man Set A Camera At His Backyard, What Was Caught In It Will Make Your Blood Go Cold

A man tried to set up his video camera on the balcony. The purpose to do this was to keep an eye on his backyard and to protect it from thieves. But the video that came out, in the end, was hell shocking.

Go through the story what actually this man discovered in his backyard. There are few more examples relating this man’s story. Check out more ghost stories.

Images source: YouTube

Man kept camera and motion detector.


To start with the video he set up the camera and motion detector on his porch to spot the possible thieves or poachers. So he decided to film the video.

The footage revealed something ghostly.


The next following day he watched the footage and what he saw was actually scary. He spotted deer and something unidentified at the back.

Looks like an angel or fairy!!!


The man spotted a body or a figure that held some sword like thing and appeared to carry wings. So it resembled like a fairy.

Unidentified object found in Canada.


There are more examples that relate the same. This image was taken in a forest in Canada. In the image, there is a deer on the left and a 4-legged winged creature pursuing it. The local residents claim that many of people refuse to go in the forest at night.

Ghost getting Deer’s Attention in CUSA.


This eerie scene was captured in 2012 by an infrared camera in Pennsylvania (USA). This image shows deer in the front and a human-like creature at the background waving towards deer.

Unnerving image taken near UFO sighting.


This image was captured in Michigan (USA), where a human-like creature shows its back to the camera. It is supposed that aliens come at that place of UFO sighting.

Phantom of a young Texan girl.


This image is of Texas, where a night vision camera captured the young girl whose image is evocative of a Native American girl who once resided in that region.

Creepy object in USA.


This picture was captured by a hunter when he was hunting in the forest in Louisiana (USA). This object is still a mystery for all.

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