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Her Wife Is Having A Shower And He Captures In A Camera, Something Else Is Caught In The Background

We often try to play pranks or surprise our friends and family, but sometimes those intentions backfire us. Unlike everyone else, this man also plans to amaze his wife by making video tapes. But unfortunately, he got one for himself.

All set with video camera.


This guy tries to capture his wife in the shower to surprise her.

As she gets the hint…


…it seems she gets unhappy with her husband’s idiocy.

Stop it, right now.


She gets out of the shower and stops him from taking the snaps.

Go to hell.


She rushes towards her bedroom, but this guy doesn’t stop filming his wife. Suddenly he realizes there is something he missed at the back.



What is that shadow in the shower? A ghost.. when he turns back he saw a ghost behind the curtains but when he draws the curtain, there was no one. Strange? Well, I don’t believe on such presences, but this video surely made me speechless. Let us know your opinion.



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