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Pour A Full Glass Of Salt In Sink, What Happens Next Is Miracle

Salt is not only used for cooking food and keeping our body hydrated. There are many other things we could do with the help of salt. Here are some uses of salt that you must know as they are helpful for a number of household problems and will amaze you.

Removes gunk building on the iron.


Formation of gunk on the iron can make clothes dirty. To remove gunk instantly, you can simply iron on a pile of salt.

Cleans yolk from the surface.


Cracked eggs make the surface dirty and they are very hard to remove. Put salt over the cracked egg and see the yolk part will be cleaned easily.

Acts as a fire extinguisher.


Salt is a good fire extinguisher. Small fires can easily extinguish with the help of salt. You just have to pour salt on the fire.

Salt will shine your utensils.


If the grease strains are too hard for you to clean from your utensils, then try salt and water. This will remove stains from your utensils.

Cleans your used sponge.


Put your used sponge in the salt water. This will remove the stains from the sponge and disinfect it.

Deodorize the sink.


If you are getting the bad odour from your sink, you can use salt to deodorize the sink. Pour salt and distilled water in the sink and wait for some time. You will be shocked to see the final result.

Cleans Brass or Copper.


Mix salt with flour and vinegar in equal parts and make a paste. Rub the paste on the metal. After one hour clean it with a soft and dry cloth. Your brass/copper accessory will shine like the new one.



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