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Police Was Shocked When They Discovered No Snow On The Roof

Shock is a powerful emotion which has always had a weird way of playing with our minds. You’d stare at something with so much curiosity that the chances of your eyes boggling out escalate tremendously. Now that you are here, let’s give your eyes a reason to bulge out. The department of police in the Netherlands was left scratching their heads when they found that there wasn’t a trace of snow in a large portion of one of the home’s roof. The question remains why?

Let’s find out..

Firstly, talk about how wonderful the snow is.


And, we shall love it for eternity.


The way it piles over the roofs of our home is stunning.


But when this happens..


Why is there no snow on the roof?


I want to know the exact reason.


The sight alerted the police.


There might be something wrong in the home if there is no snow on the roof. As this home was the only one in the locality whose roof had no snow.

Throw the reason at me.


Further investigations..


..showed that the homeowner was cultivating cannabis at industrial-scale. The legal limit in the Netherlands to cultivate cannabis plants is five.

This is why..


The heat lamps used for nurturing the plants ceased the snow from accumulating on the roof of the home.



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