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Both Gay Partners Will Now Be Able To Contribute To Their Babies Gene Pool

Indeed, people in the United States can now get married, whether they are straight or gay or bisexual or whatever. But, another issue that they are still facing today, aside from the remaining discrimination, is the fact that having a baby is difficult because of course a sperm and egg are still needed.
Yes, they may look for an egg donor or a sperm donor or a surrogate, but that means that only one partner gets to contribute biologically.
Hopefully, this new method can allow both partners to be a significant part of a child’s creation.

Milestone Discovery


According to the scientific finding, not only gay couples can finally have babies that carry their traits but babies can also have traits from multiple people or even from just one parent.



While the method has not been experimented on humans and has only proved successful with mice. In Vitro Gametogenesis could eventually produce sex cells from stem cells and sex cells include the sperm from males and the eggs from females. Thus, the method could have sperm from both the males or eggs from both women.

Egg donation and surrogate parents


Currently, gay couples can only have children either by having an egg donor for their sperm or by hiring a woman to be the mother that means that only one will be the actual father. The same situation is faced by lesbian couples.

Bypass donor


If the new process becomes possible for humans, then gay couples would no longer have to look for egg donors or sperm donors. This is because IVG could turn a sex cell of a partner into an egg or sperm cell and combine it with a natural sperm or egg cell from the partner.

Solo IVG


In the future, individuals can have their own children without the need of a partner at all since they could have a natural sperm or egg cell and another sex sell from them would be turned into an egg or sperm cell.

Perfect Reproduction


Moreover, couples might even have children with the perfect desired traits because many embryos could be made to check any genetic disease or trait.

The Future Is Bright


With same-sex marriage now legal in the United States and other nations, gay people are now closer to having the life they’ve always dreamed about: a nice house, government protection, acceptance, and a biological child of their own.



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