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The Most Unique Sex Traditions Around The World!

People’s imagination has no boundaries!

In some cultures sex traditions go really nuts, but at least it will never be boring for them:


Wife stealing

There is a tribe in West Africa, where kids get married in the infancy, so basically you are not the one who choses the partner. But, one day in the year they hold a Gerewol Festival, when men wearing makeup and costumes try to kidnap other’s wives. If they manage to be undetected their union becomes official…poor woman, from one man to another.



Ancient Egypt wasn’t obsessed with power and making people’s lives better, but with masturbation. If you ever decide to touch the waters of Nile, I wouldn’t recommend it, as ancient Egyptians believed that the ebb and flow of Nile was caused exactly by their small “play”. So it was absolutely normal and even praised to masturbate into the Neil for better wealth.


Sex in underwear

While ancient Egyptians were so open about their organs, people inhabiting Inis Beag, the island off the coast of Ireland are so sexually closed, that even during sex they keep underwear on. I don’t know how do they do that and why, and I don’t really wanna know!



In Guajiro it is not so easy to have sex, you have to work for it. How? There is a ceremonial dance and if a woman makes a man trip and fall down during the sex, they must have sex. Nothing comes easy here.


Love hut

Cambodia did some development and improvement in sex life. Parents build a love hut for their teenage daughters and different men spend there night after night, until the girl find the suitable partner. As soon as she finds him, he will stay with her forever. Such search might take a while.



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