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How To Get Rid Of Various Stains In Your House?


The party went too good? Friends got crazily drunk and spilled the wine over your favorite table cloth? Learn how to go back to clean house!

After every holiday or a party the housewife faces the same issue: how to return the initial beauty of things around the house. There are some spots that seem to be unmanageable. But everything is possible if you know the right tricks:

Scratches all over the parquet


If the damage is not too deep, perfect tool will be โ€“ walnut. Break the shell, take out the meat and gently wipe the surface. The stain with a damage will get darker a bit. If the damage is deeper, first use the wax.

Stains at the wallpapers


The party went to good that even wallpapers got dirty? Chalk will help you to cope with oily spots. Make it fine, put inside the napkin and then all you have to do is to put it against the wall paper and iron it ! The spots will go away as if they were never there !

Wine stains


Fresh stain from the white wine can be removed with a piece of ice. Wipe the cloth with a piece of ice until the stain disappears. Red wine stains can be removed with the help of milk โ€“ boil a cloth with a spot in milk and then just wash it a bit. It can be a bit expensive โ€“ but definitely worth of it!

Berries, fruit and juice spots



Fresh stains from berries, fruit or juice will disappear with the help of 9% vinegar. If you didnโ€™t notice the stains right away, such mixture will help to cope with them: for one glass of water one tea spoon of citric acid.

A good housewife knows all the tricks to keep her house and clothes in order and tidy! Be one of such desperate housewives!


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