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Bizarre Period Myths From The past. #6 Says Periods Can Cure Plague

Periods are considered a taboo in the various places of the world. Women in their menses are often seen discriminated, and also many customs even support keeping women imprisoned during their periods. They considered it an unholy thing and punishment for females. People believed that one who will touch a bleeding lady or even come under her shadow would be cursed. Well, this is the era of the 21st century, which is quite improvised and turned better than the past. Several years ago, people used to have various mindsets and beliefs about periods which we find totally weird and unacceptable.

The smell of the menstruation blood repel animals and drives them mad


The ancient people believed that if a bleeding woman looks at bees, it will drop dead. Moreover, Romans believed that woman in her menses could drive a dog crazy by staring at him. Women were not allowed to go for the activities like hunting as the smell of blood would disorient or repel the prey.

A woman in her menses could turn wine into vinegar.


In the ancient times, a bleeding woman was not allowed to come near the place of the fermentation process. And, if mistakenly she does so, they considered it enough to spoil alcohol.

Menstruation can kill plants


A few centuries back, people believed that the bleeding can leave an impact on plants. It could dry up the seed and make fruits fell off and also turn them bitter. Europeans followed the myth that a bleeding woman can turn a green garden to wither.

$ex during periods can make woman possessed by the devil


In the second century, it was believed that intercourse is risky for a bleeding woman; she could get possessed by the devil. And, if during her periods she conceives a baby, it would bear with malformed offspring.

Menstruation is magical and powerful to change weather


Menstruation affects the atmospheric conditions and also the seasons. It’s being mentioned in the natural history that menstruation could stop hail-storms, whirlwinds and lightning.

The menstruation blood can cause ailment and also cure some


The first napkin worn by a virgin was stored to treat plague, leprosy, hemorrhoids, epilepsy, gout and headaches. It was also considered that the menstruation blood contains excess waste and dangerous toxins that could harm men and children

Menstruation is a sign of unholiness


In various parts of the world including India menstruation is considered as a punishment and an unholy thing. People have been following this in their tradition for centuries. Still, in many parts of India, women are prohibited from entering the holy place and participating in any activity of God.

Menstruation has weird effects on hair.


One who looks at a bleeding lady could have his/her hair turned gray, this was the myth followed by people in 1920.

In order to staunch a heavy flow, women of the medieval period were advised to apply the ash of burnt toad around their waist


Bleeding woman spoils the sushi


In Japan, it has been believed that if a women in her menses cooks sushi, there would be an imbalance in the taste. It also sped up the rotting of food and turn salt black.

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