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Are You A Sweet Tooth? Then You Are In A Right Place!


Check out the best desserts made all over the world!

People who love sweet stuff start their dinner in the restaurant with a dessert menu. Why not? One dessert as an appetizer and then in end, to make sure the dinner went good! Let’s check the masterpieces from the chef’s of all over the world:

Creme brule


 Famous French dessert attracts with its caramelized top and creamy custard hiding beneath it!

Traditional Apple Pie


 Pieces of apple covered with a crust, with a touch of cinnamon are usually served with vanilla sauce and scoop of ice cream in the side.

Belgian waffles


 Whenever you are in Belgium, don’t miss having one waffle with a warm chocolate syrup that will run down your fingers…



 Famous Austrian dessert is extremely sweet, so be careful – if you are not a big fan of too sweet stuff. Double sweet chocolate cake with nuts, honey and chocolate cream inside.

French macaroons


These tasty small cookies will not leave you cold!



Delicate taste, soft bottom and creamy top will melt in your mouth. Strawberry sauce will add a bit of sour flavor to this sweet miracle. With the right ingredients in your hands, it is easy to make at home.



 Should be on the menu of every fancy restaurant. This coffee flavored mascarpone cake with a touch of Marsala wine, what can be better?

No matter how big your meal is, there is always a place for a fantastic dessert!


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