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7 Unbelievable Things You Can Do With iPhone6!


In spite of being used in everyday life, iPhone6 is still remains a secret for many.

There are a lot of its characteristics, which are unknown to us. Some of them you can find in the Settings. In addition, your Siri can do some more things that you didn’t know before!

Answer Messages Without Unlocking iPhone


Are you puzzled? You may respond messages without any problems, using lock screen. Pull down the notification drawer and swipe over to the left side, where you would see “Reply”.

Sharing Current Location


If you are not eager to explain the place you are now in, you may send the location to your friend. Go to “Details” and choose “Send My Location”.

Numb Messages


You are able using mute messages for particular chats. Go to your messaging menu and choose “Do Not Disturb”.

Leaving A Group Talk


Creating a group conversation is really helpful and handy, but at the same time it may appear quite annoying. If you want to get out of it, go to “Details” and choose “Leave Conversation”.

Modified Siri!


With new iPhone6S, it’s not necessary holding the button for launching your friend Siri. Now you can simply say “Hey Siri” and your virtual assistant will be launched.

Read This, Siri!!!


Now things become much easier – Siri is able to read books, texts, articles and even your messages. Go to Settings and choose Speak Selection.

Teaching Siri!


You may teach Siri pronouncing names correctly. First of all, ask her to tell some name. After the answer, tell it was pronounced not in a right way. After that she would ask you how to do it correctly.


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