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If You Ever See This Creature On The Beach, Run Run Run

When on a vacation, you obviously expect to come across stunning things or people who are going to unconditionally blow your mind away. You are all in for it, though. Why won’t you? Stuff what is easy on the eyes is what you go for. I am here to tell you that certain things should be steer clear from. Let me inform you about one stunning yet lethal creature, of whom if you caught a sight, run far far away from it.

Scroll down to know exactly what am I talking about.

Don’t be fooled by this beauty.


Travel in pods of 1,000.


Portuguese man o’ war often float with the currents in large pods.

More to them than meet the eyes.


Portuguese man o’ war have tentacles ranging from 30-feet-long to 165 feet.

Hence, the reason beaches put these signs..

z493z80zglt5fnlh2959 justified.

Striking resemblance to jellyfish.


But in reality, it’s not a true jellyfish..

Their sting can paralyze.


It can cause utterly painful welts and can even kill.

A swim with it?


Alone in water with this 100-feet-long tentacles which can paralyze you is definitely not the dream.

Worst part?


Portuguese man o’ war’s sting can affect you even weeks after it’s washed after weeks.

Stay away!


In case, you stumble upon a bubble that is Portuguese man o’ to another country.

If you her stung..


Don’t pee on the affected area, it will make things much worse. So use cold compresses for bringing down the swelling.

So when you see this sign next time..


Take it seriously.


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