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Cats Are Transformed Much Like Donald Trump And It’s The Latest Internet Trend

Donald Trump, the richest candidate in the presidential race of 2016, has been caught badly by the witty people on the internet. Firstly they trolled his hair, then his offensive comments and now they came up with this new trend: trumpyourcat by sharing their Trump kitties’ pictures on Instagram and Twitter. So, nowadays Trump is rolling on the Internet, not because of his efforts but because people want him to be on it, as it’s always a great fun for everyone.

Donald is kitty’s favourite.


Reeeow! Angry trump.


Cool hairstyle.


See! Much like Donald Trump.


Well, Internet refused to be like him.


Why me always?


This is how trump was trolled recently on the internet.


Just before this, a Redditor posted the above picture on the internet replacing his eyes with the lips. Well, no one found any difference; his eyes are much like his lips. Right?

Poor Trump.


Do you also want to join the trend #trumpyourcat? Yes? You can also share pictures of your cats with us right below in the comment box. And, yeah! Do not forget to share this new insane trend with your friends as well.


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