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Lavish Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: A Look Inside 18 Billionaire Homes

Having billionaire status means that you can pretty much afford anything that you desire. In fact, many billionaires realize this and have opted to spend the majority of their money on places that they call home. In fact, these “places” are actually lavish mansions that boast massive square footage and incredible features. To be honest, the size of a typical home that you and I live in would be considered a guest house for many of these billionaires! If you feel like you have a nice house, we’ll knock your socks off with the lavish lifestyles of these 18 billionaire homes.DmitryRybolovlev

The first mansion on our list is the home of Russian businessman, Dmitry Rybolovlev. We’ll call him Dmitry (his last name is far too difficult to spell) purchased this Florida home from Donald Trump for a cool $95 million. Like most mansions, this grand space is known by name as Maison de L’Amitie. Apart from the exquisite size and landscape, we can’t help but love the beach views!


With a net worth of nearly $6 billion, Ira Rennert can literally buy anything under the sun. This is why it is no surprise that this beautiful Hamptons mansion and its multiple properties surrounding the area are one of Rennert’s prized possessions. From the luscious green grounds to the tree-lined driveway and circular courtyard area, this is a remarkable place to call home.


George Soros has even greater wealth than Ira Rennert at a massive $23 billion net worth.  This mansion is where Soro calls home and offers a tennis court, exquisite landscaping, a pool and a circular courtyard at the entry. As if this mansion wasn’t large enough, Soros recently added a 19-room addition that spreads over another 19 acres of the property.


The billionaire founder of Nike, Phil Knight’s mansion seems to be more modest than many of the other mansions found on the list. This condo-style home was listed at a breezy $75 million and is located off of the Pacific coast in California. With its unique design and landscaping, we can’t imagine the beauty of the interior layout.


Facebook founder and overnight sensation, Mark Zuckerberg actually owns five different houses. This simple white house is a two-story, five-bedroom structure and serves as the Zuckerberg family’s primary residence. With an in-ground pool and multiple porches to add to its appeal, even this house seems modest for the founder of social media.


Jeff Bezos is worth more than an estimated $30 billion as a tech guru. This impressive 11,500 square foot mansion reflects his billionaire status and features multiple pools and exquisite courtyards. With the entire house lit, the rooms truly seem endless and span the entire backyard area, featuring stone steps and walkways, flower beds and resting areas.


The former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg’s home resembles an elegant politician’s office. A peek inside this billionaire home reveals black and white checkerboard tile flooring anchored by a patterned rug. From the detailed work on the walls and in the molding to the staircase, this unique look offers an eclectic mix of vintage modern style.


Bernard Arnault did not only want a billionaire style mansion, he wanted is own ski resort to enjoy at his leisure. The 65 year old billionaire made sure he got his wishes when he bought this massive structure in Belgium to call his own. With a gorgeous mountainous landscape and plenty of snow, Arnault’s dream came true with plenty of skiing options right in his own backyard.


The Walton family hails from the southern state of Arkansas where Sam Walton launched his wealth with the start of Walton’s Five and Dime. Alice Walton, one of the heirs to the throne, is a family billionaire and owns this modern marvel. With an interest in modern art, Alice ensured her home reflected her interest from the rooftop to the pool in the center of the complex.


Alice Walton isn’t the only Walton heir that boasts billionaire status and style. Christy Walton, Alice’s sister, chooses to live in a more classic home that is remarkable in its own right. Featuring a stone bridge and water feature, the classic mansion resembles a mountain lodge and spreads across 100 acres of land that is landscaped with natural foliage.


David Koch is a fairly controversial billionaire who, to be quite honest, most likely could not care less about the rumors surrounding his fortune and fame. In fact, he probably rests quite comfortably inside this 30,000 square foot mansion in Palm Beach that offers two tennis courts and a massive pool.


The second sibling pair on our list, Charles Koch, the brother of David Koch, also boasts billionaire status. However, unlike his brother David, Charles’ mansion does not take up nearly as much land. Instead, this Los Angeles home offers wide open views across the back of the home overlooking a deep in-ground pool, a fire pit and a densely populated wooded area.



Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle, owns this impressive property that honestly looks more like a campsite for the rich and famous rather than a house. The mansion is nestled amid evergreen trees and offers beautiful views overlooking the water. The shoreline itself has been considerably designed with boat slips and recreational space for kayaking, skiing, ad boating.


The third richest man in the entire world is expected to have a mansion fit for a billionaire, wouldn’t you agree? This massive mansion is located in A Coruna in Spain and overlooks the beautiful Spanish beaches. From the towering palms the crystal green waters, the architectural style of this home is truly magnificent!


One of the richest people in the world, Warren Buffet is known for his wealth and modest money habits. As a reflection of his ethics, Buffet may have a large net worth but he still owns and resides in this small and humble home in Omaha, Nebraska. Because of Buffet’s frugality, we don’t see him moving out of the neighborhood anytime soon.


Carlos Slim Helu is a business magnate who once held the title as the richest man in the world. Helu lives in this impressive mansion that sits atop a unique structure in Mexico. Outside of its square footage, the mansion is truly a modern marvel for its intricate architecture and design.


Today’s richest man in the world is Bill Gates who calls this $150 million estate home. Located in Medina, Washington just outside of Seattle, this mansion features an indoor aquarium filled with sharks, whales and sea creatures. The mansion offers exquisite views of the Pacific Ocean as well as a stunning cityscape of Seattle.



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