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Weird-As-Hell Facts That Prove Nature Is One Scary Mofo

Crabeater Seals

The devilish mouth of a crabeater seal looks like its got a buzzsaw for teeth. . . likely to crush those crabs off the coast of Antarctica . Wow!


A Scary Parasite!

Ugh, that long wiggly thing is a parasite AND its coming out of a dead insect host.


A Fulmar Chick

Don’t EVER stand near a fulmar chick, it will try to kill you with vomit.


A Parasitic Fungus Attack

This tarantula is being attacked by the parasitic fungus, Cordyceps. It’s a fungal infection that replaces all of the tissue in its host’s body. Some species even use mind-control turning the host into biting zombies to spread the infection.


The Mu Fish

Check the Mu fish teeth! Doesn’t its molars somewhat resemble our own?


Knock. . . Knock

This species of tarantula enjoys his privacy while at home. He’s not interested in socializing.


This Fish Teeth!

Omg, this sea creature takes a massive bite out of a tin can like its soft butter. Can you imagine what it can do to your limb?!


Hiary, Horror Frogs

When the Hairy frogs—also known as Horror frogs—feel threatened, the bones in their body break to create claw-like structures that protrude out of their toe pads through their hind legs. Sounds like an X-Men Super Frog!



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