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How Michael Jackson Destroyed His Looks in 100 Operations

The Real Mike

This is Mike Jackson before the surgery started. Sure, he was not the cutie he had been in his teens, but few people saw what was really coming for MJ.


The Changes Begin…

Wider eyes, a shade lighter on the skin tone. This was nothing radical, but it is apparent that Mike had some work done.


A New Man

Many people remember this image of Mike when they look back fondly on the Thriller days.


A Really New Man

This is where Mike starts to cross the boundary from his identity as a black man into generally ambiguous. Sexually and racially ambiguous, at the very least.


White Mike

Remember when Kanye West sung, “She’s got a light skin friend looks like Michael Jackson, got a dark skin friend looks like Michael Jackson” ? We do, and this is what he was talking about.


Fully Plastic

This was when Michael Jackson was one of the wealthiest, and most certifiably crazy people on the planet. That face was tough to look at.


How Mike Got His Groove Back

The spotlight was not kind to Michael Jackson, and in retrospect he clearly did not have the psyche to handle stardom



This face in front of us is so far from the Michael Jackson that America watched sing ‘ABC’ and completely adored.


The Real Mike

We cannot be certain, but this is what a facial simulator technology predicted Michael would look like without all those surgeries. Pretty handsome dude actually.




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