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Secure Places You Are NOT Allowed To Visit

Royal Air Force Station Menwith Hill

This Royal Air Force Station in North Yorkshire, England is run by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and is believed to include equipment capable of secretly listening to and intercepting communications.


Vault of the Secret Formula

The Vault of the secret formula is the place where the original Coca-Cola formula from 1886 is kept. It used to be stored at the SunTrust Bank vault in downtown Atlanta, but it was moved to its new location in 2011.


Vatican Secret Archives

The Vatican Secret Archives have stored the pope’s personal documents since the 8th century. Among these important documents is a copy of Pope Leo X’s papal bull excommunicating Luther. After 11 centuries of secrets, researchers were granted access by pope Leo XIII.


Pine Gap

Pine Gap is a defense facility in Central Australia run by both Australia and the US. It serves as a satellite tracking central. Edward Snowden has talked about its importance for the US surveillance programs.




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