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Incredible Bicycle Concepts Of The Future

Bicycles are amazing means of transportation. Bicycles can be used to get from point A to B, and they’re also pretty useful for picnics or just a relaxing ride in the park. There are many reasons to get a bicycle.They’re pretty obvious but let us just name at least 5: 1)Bicycling doesn’t pollute the environment. 2)Bicycles are much cheaper than cars. 3)You don’t have to pay for gas, they pretty much run on fat. 4)You get a workout while doing your usual daily errands. 5) You get to avoid traffic.
And if those are not enough, here’s an awesome iBike concept that not only looks amazing it can also charge your iPod while you’re bicycling.


This futuristic looking bicycle is a perfect city bike. It’s designed with that idea in mind. This bicycle is heavy duty and is made to last for a long time without breaking down. All of it’s chains, cables and vulnerable parts are hidden inside the heavy frame, which protects the bike from damage and daily wear and tear.
City bicycles are used all day by many different people or various sizes and proportions. 24/7 City Pedelec has an automatically adjusting seat, which is helpful if the bicycle is being used by many people. The bicycle also has a built in motor that allows you to ride the bicycle in a relaxed way without much effort, without sacrificing the speed.


Whoever came up with this bicycle concept decided to reinvent the wheel. This bicycle can be disassembled completely. Even the wheels fold up. The secret is in the wheels. Each wheel consists of 6 modules that can be separated and folded up to save up space.This is a great option for transporting your bike. For example if you’re moving to another city, you won’t have to look like a crazy person with the bike tied to the roof of your car. You can just fold it up and put it in the trunk. It’s also a great solution for people who like taking their bicycles on vacation. Since it’s so compact you can just take it on a plane in a suitcase.


If the only reason you haven’t been using a bicycle is because it has no place to store your belongings you’re in for a treat. The carrier bike has a special compartment in the middle that has more than enough space to store whatever you need in the day. You can put your briefcase or a handbag there. You can use it to store a change of clothing if you work at a place that has a uniform.
You can even put a pair of changing shoes in there, so you can wear comfy sneakers while you’re bicycling and change into your stylish office shoes when you get to work. The bicycle is also a bit of a transformer. It can be folded up to resemble a shopping cart, so you can wheel it around with you in the supermarket and use it to carry your produce. So now you can even use your bike when shopping.


This bicycle is made with comfort and versatility in mind. The bicycle’s frame can be changed depending on your needs. For example, when you’re in the city and in a rush you’d use the normal upright position. It’s optimal for speed and getting you from point A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible. It also gives you more control over the bike it case you need to ride through some traffic.But if you want a relaxing ride in the park or you’ve gotten out of the city and into the countryside and want have a leisurely ride and enjoy the view you’d be much more comfortable in the reclining position. The best part is that you don’t even have to get off the bike to switch modes. You just push a lever and lean forward or backwards depending what mode you’d like your bicycle to be in.Variable-Frame-Bike1




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