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He Was Shot Twice From A Nail Gun, Shockingly Rare!

Nail guns are one hell of a tool, making fabrications and other works easy and dangerous altogether. Ever since it hit the market in 1950, it has made pinned deep in construction and fabrication works and now is even found in homes too.

So nail guns have been known to accidentally been triggered and nail people in dangerous ways. But what happened with this Chicago worker is undoubtedly a rare and lucky case, of course in the field of nail gun accidents.

The horror of the accident70wysrg6j3ah8n1wujjxBut the problem has more depth to it than what we can see.

Two 16 gauge nails were fired directly at his kneess356852hzobm7ycvef97It all happened while he was working on top over the roof when he accidentally stepped over the gas hose and the gun jerked and gave two shots.

The X-Ray scan showed this horrormse6zavqw9kbpmggvknp

And doctors poured in to tell him how lucky he was. Had he hit only a little to the left, he might have punctured a major artery, but that wasn’t all the luck he had.

Why was he lucky then?

xszkqm2e5bkp3wbky8ifHere is the answer to it. The two nails, not just one but two, went through his flesh and rested perfectly between his kneecap and bones. On a closer look, we can see how closely one nail just barely scraped the cartilage around his bone.

Wonder what that TY is supposed to mean

50wh3e37hgnzhi9aki64And with the operation, ended the ordeal of a two (nails) in a million case. Share and scare your friends with a pinch of faith in fate too.


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