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These Technologies Are Going To Rule 2016!

Technologies of 2015 were good, but it doesn’t mean 2016 can’t be better.

The next technologies are about to rule in 2016 and will change our lives forever!


It would sound unbelievable but intelligence which is artificial is true and possible. Most of us probably use Siri made by Apple. It’s one of the example of it. But in 2016 it will go ahead. Apple, Google, Amazon and other companies working for this technology. You’ll see how we contact with oven or microwave through voice. By the way, it will help us to receive and synthesize all information.


The materials will also change in 2016. Scientist will make stronger plastic for our devices. Devices’s glass will get stronger too, there will smth better than gorilla glass. And finally graphene which is not cheap, somehow will find the way to make it so!

Objects. Everything what surrounds you can become smarter. Imagine that your chair, cup or table has an access to internet and is able to connect to your phone. This is a a new trend of 2016. The objects will contain information such as when was the last time you used the object or how often you use it.


This creatures are not fantastic anymore. You can easily buy it to use at home, office etc. Nowadays we already have it – Jibo, Pepper and others available in stores.


Headsets are the trend this year, but still not all of us can afford to get it. You don’t need the 3d or imax anymore. This technology is our future. Just imagine that you see the characters but they see you too and respond.


Forget about codes, passwords because it’s a time for your device recognize your face, not even your finger. Windows 10 has already this system, but we hope it’s not the end.


It’s get more popular technology. But it’s gonna be coolest. Drones are about to carry items and even people. It will deliver items through the country and even more far.



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