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3 Watching TV Harmful Effects!

Nowadays almost everyone has TV at home; it’s no longer a problem. You can even find several TV set in some homes.

People are really so obsessed with watching it these days. They consider it to be an entertainment, don’t noticing any negative effects of it on their life. Television can offer us a lot; it’s really one of the biggest innovations of the humanity. But you should understand its negative effects on you, until it’s not late…

It Is Harmful For Health

When you are watching TV, you are inactive and find yourself in a sitting position for a long time. All this can lead to obesity and problems with heart. It’s not surprising that many people in the West like spending time in front of the computer and at the same time suffer from excessive weight and heart problems. Many studies reveal a direct link of watching TV with type 2 diabetes and obesity.


False Information

Unfortunately, a contemporary television doesn’t portray all the truth about outer and inner world. It allows you glancing on the events, going on in the whole world. But this glimpse is really so small and scarce. The information is given in such a way to make you believe in it, no matter if it’s true or false. In many cases, people accept what is said on TV. Many prefer this information, because they receive it at once and don’t need paying many efforts to find some additional knowledge. We just get ignorance, but not knowledge on television.

You Are Dump!!!

One more negative effect of TV is its ability to prevent you from thinking. Television gives us news, analysis, opinion, criticism and other information immediately. This stops us from using our thinking, critical and comparing abilities. It’s really a great way to manipulate and rule the people. Of course, there are some good programs on TV, but most of them are complete trash.


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