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The Most Awkward Prom Photos You Ever Seen

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome The King and The Queen of your worst nightmares! Just look at her face, she is probably some sort of eyebrows-freak and dumpling-lover, otherwise I can’t explain this mess on her face. And the guy… well, his kingdom is probably Burgerland, as his “crown”.


Watch out kiddo! Somebody is thinking of becoming a serial killer!


Ah, these school dances that will stay in our memory forever… sadly! However, nobody seems to mind! Freaks.


We can’t imagine how this lil nerd managed to get this hot blondy to the prom party, but nevertheless he’ll have to act like: “Guys, I’ve been there… I know how to…!”.


This lad is clearly ballsy in expressing his intentions, however the girl won’t tolerate it for long.


I’m sorry for these girls, their taste in men is quite crusty!Screen-Shot-2015-10-21-at-5.36.30-PM-608x273

A shot of multiple questions. Who are they and why on earth they look like this?!




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