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Cringe-Worthy And Unwanted Third Wheel Moments

Love and life and everything nice.
But that’s something meant just for two people who are in love and not for others.
For others, that same love is just pain, especially for a third wheel.
They are the saddest beings because they see and experience all the love near and them and get nothing out of it. Here are some really cringeworthy moments for a third wheel.

Prom. Yayyy…


Prom is a special day for both guys and girls but, not for third wheels. You can see the pain they go through in this photograph.

So cute


This love ended up in marriage, and the third wheel was just trying to take a happy picture. His pain has no end.

I’m happy


That awkward intimate moment between the couple. But, this is smiling through the pain, after all, everybody poses for the camera.

We all need a special someone


Everyone deserves happiness and to be with someone who makes them really happy. For this guy, it’s a tree. So, what? At least, he can breathe happily around it.

I’ll just stare at the walls


That perfect lovey Dovey moment between two lovers and the third wheel is there like “Yeah, the wall paint is so good.”

Let them say Goodbyez1hsfzr4lzjs2gvhz4fg

When couples say goodbye, it takes a LOT of time, ‘coz love and cheesy stuff. This so-finally-they-say-goodbye-moment is something third wheels wait for all their life.

Cuddling is cute?


Sure, couples cuddle whenever they wish to. But, imagine the agony of the third wheel has to go through that time?


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