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Charlie Sheen Is Not Only One: HIV Positive Celebs

The Famous actor Charlie Sheen admitted that he is HIV positive, and that news has shocked many people. He is not the only-one among the celebrities who are infected with the vicious virus.

Charlie Sheen


“I am here to tell the world that i am HIV positive”, admitted Charlie in the TV show “Today”. Famous actor said that he found that out before 4 years, and that he told bad news only to the people he though he can trust. However, he became the victim of betrayal and extortion.
“People asked money from me, just to stay quiet about it. I paid millions. That is the money that they took from my kids.”, said the “Two And A Half Man” star.

Freddie Mercury


Front-man of the band Queen announced in 1991 that he was suffering from AIDS, and later that year he died of complication he got from the disease. His death struck and shocked the whole world. Never forgotten singer revealed that he was HIV positive for four years at the moment when he decided to announce it.

Magic Johnson


Former USA basketball player Magic Johnson announced in 1991 that he was infected with HIV, and has left basketball career. Johnson is now an activist and a model for all who struggle with a similar situation. He works as a basketball analyst and his goal is to prove that HIV does not have to be a death sentence.

Michael Jeter


Actor from the famous movie “Green Mile”, was diagnosed with HIV. He died at the age of 50, but it is not known if the AIDS was cause of the death.

Gia Carangi


The model, which is considered the first supermodel in the world struggled with addiction to heroin. That bad habit and addict infected Gia with HIV. She died at the age of 27, from the AIDS. The story of her life was screened in the film “Gia” from 1998, where Angelina Jolie starred Gia.


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