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6 Reasons You Must Date Beer Instead Of A Girl

This one is for all you beeristas. You’ll completely agree if you are a beer addict.

DISCLAIMER: Reading this article might cause a big, bad break up with your girl. So hooked up guys, proceed at your own risk!

Oh, and if you love beer more than you love your girl, please read on.

1. Beer doesn’t get jealous


If you know what I mean guys…

2. When one beer is gone, you just pop one more. You can even have two at a time, or more.


You don’t need those naggy chics no more.

3. You can share beer with your friends


Bhaai hai tu mera, ye le

4. And beer doesn’t ask annoying questions. Thank God for that


5. Beer NEVER dominates, unlike your girlfriend


Live, and let live

6. You can swear your heart out beecee!


Your girl doesn’t like you swearing or acting ranti? No bother, you always have beer. Swear in English, swear in Hindi, swear in Swedish it won’t try to tone you down.



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