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This Photographer Exposes The Myths About Female Body

A Seattle-based artist Ashley Armitage spent her childhood time as a little girl drawing unicorns and monster trucks. But as she grows old, she later discovered her love for photography.

But what made her stand among the crowd is her uniqueness about her thoughts. She was tired of perfect female bodies that media was showing around. So she decided to deconstruct the Perfect image. She pictured her close female friends to show the media what a non-airbrushed girls really looks like.

She showcases her project as ‘Imperfect‘ bodies.

We also have stretch marks, so what?

โ€œI create images of the female body because historically these images have been controlled by men. We were always the painted and not the painters. I’m trying to take back what’s ours and explore what it means to have a body that has always been defined by a male hand,โ€ Armitage says.0h5y7elq010wb6exbomo

We wax often.

She had her account on Instagram with the this name Ladyist. She has around 25k followers on Instagram.1xngvl1s6zsktjkrtt4v

We have marks too.

And, she loves to flaunt her girls in stripes. Stripes give a woman more feminine look.ywvl8voh802g3dt4899g

What about armpit hairs, isn’t they look sassy?

If you see her first it looks like a normal photos, but when you look at it closely, you will see a natural bikini line, wedges, wounds, hairy skin, period marks and so on.csa8qs8t2p7se97vs2x9

And these bikini line hair.

This post got massive hate and Instagram has to take this photo down but as it is not against the policies of Insta, she again posted this picture with full brief.p1dvo3g1l4r3355b0vpg

Imperfection is perfect.

Basically, her posts showing all the reality that media hide from us.ifecw384vbx3zmxf69e9

Marks make me feel beautiful.

Her followers have always supported her, and their reaction for her work is usually positive. o1qpuhwzys18059yi642

Marks keep on reminding about my journey.

She said women have public hair and we don’t keep it trimmed or shaved all the time. It’s media that keeps telling that hair on women body is gross.rorz2zkblbfs0ljvtap8

And, this imperfectionjdk5evrkpxwxn613r7tr





Red panty war, that though time.


Little distractions.


What if I don’t shave regular?


One Instagram post.


It’s perfectly fine and normal.


Some dislikes and some likes.


Beautiful, isn’t it?


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