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Japan’s Official Farting Competition Will Make You Go WTF

Japan, a land which has never failed to arouse our curiosity. Yet again, it proves how amazingly different the Land of the rising Sun is. This time, the amazement comes in the form of a scroll.

So, what’s so different about this scroll that makes it special? Well, it’s a Japanese ‘Farting scroll.’ Don’t go back to check what you read. You read it absolutely correctly!

The scroll of ‘farting’ power
He-Gasse or the farting game/ competition is literally about people farting. Drawn in Edo period (1603 to 1868), these images are really curious.0asu2fwg6lps2hhq3lqa

The windy battle

The depictions include mostly nude figures who are involved in an epic battle of flatulence.n0s88qzawdw8hze4yz4s

Yak or yaa!

Blowing the gases towards enemies, be it human or animal, are the fun element of the pictures.8nfl86vjqobntpp8eca1

The ripple of laughter

We know you can’t stop chuckling, so can’t we. However, these pictures are actually metaphorical in nature.


The inner meaning

It was a comical way of showing the political situation of the time. Needless to say, the inner meaning of the vintage cartoon has faded away with time.zz5yp0gec0lg3rnwl8g1

The mistrust

It depicts the mistrust of the Japanese towards the foreigners in the Tokugawa shogunate era.ggb224a74gfwy652wvwf

The costly affair

A set of 12 He-Gasse painting was sold to a collector for $1500.b9cb9af2exmg1hphkkcc


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