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The Way You Shake Your Hand Tells A Lot About Your Personality

What if your handshake says so much about your personality? Can you believe this?

Well yes, it can.  First, know your type and what it says about you. I am sure you’ll pick seventh after reading.

1. The frilly clown

Make sure when you meeting someone for the first time don’t do this type of handshake it simply depicts about how immature you are! This is more like best bros handshakejt5xy9zc31j522j85ybz

2. The muscle cracker

This posture shows that you are trying to atone something. So better watch out for the signs.szsnhwu3esgzhakgqhw3

3. Lazy shake

If you have got this type of handshake so better to change it because many employers depict it as lack of confidence in you and also as the sign of weakness.afji7bqk7jmvriloahew

4. The speedy shake!

If you do Rush shakes please change it as soon as possible. It depicts that you are rude! You also don’t have time even for others. b75u9wtvgbjyac1h141t

5. The dawdler!

You must not hang on longer than ‘Two second rule’. This could be read as being confrontational, competitive or even hostile – such as the rival pro-hockey team members, Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin are below.3897hucr2h7r2yclcpz0

6. The fend off shake

Please make sure when you greet someone that you should have proper eye contact.tmd1os6bcst6jrnquwc8

7. The Perfect way to greet

Make sure your posture is good, make eye contact, hold your right hand out, give a good firm shake, shake hands for only two seconds, greet the other person by name.jc85pp0gjxox47hczyjq



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