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7 Images That Depict The Changes In Girls After Marriage

A wedding ring that CHANGES everything in life!

See how a girl changes after marriage. These images look funny, but are representing the reality of a girl’s life.

Take a look.

1 Born Again Thot

She used to be apart of the trap, and now Jesus is her pimp! n4cp6wk5kxsucflbdfsq

2 Going Unde


3 I’m Sorry Babe

You used to call the shots…and now she punks you everytime!


4  1-800-HotlineBling

“You used to call me on my cell phone, late night when you needed my love” srpku6mf0eegc19azuec

5 Welcome Home Baby


6 I’ll Handle It

Say hello to your new monthly package…because she’s your accountant now! 0743v91w623l2bd2v3t8

7 Get Home NOW!

Remember when she was excited to see you come home? HAHAHAf2cbf8ulklvyem8u9p3r


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