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6 Most-Loved Christina Seng Works Of Art


Finding an artist whose work clearly speaks to you is such a special feeling. When you see their prints and posts and your mind starts lighting up with ideas, or your heart with emotion, that’s when you know this is what you’ve been searching for.
Next thing you know, you’re hitting up their Instagram and Facebook, checking in to see what’s new.
That’s how it is with me and Christina Seng. Her art brings my imagination to paper in a way I just honestly could never do. It’s incredible.
The very best part? Turns out Seng is also a great human being, making it that much easier to enjoy supporting her talents.

Check this out:

“I’ve been feeling the need…

to help make a difference in someone’s life…”


Now that you love her as much as I do, let’s take a look through some of her most-loved posts. You’ll be glad you did, trust me. Her work is at once calming, inspiring, and fun.

Seriously. People love it.

Here are 19 most-loved Christina Seng works of art:

1. “Down the rabbit hole we go”

This colorful and calming mandala is truly hypnotizing. It’s one of those special pieces that stirs emotion in its audience.



2. Limited Edition Crescent Moon Pins

She turns her artwork into other items for sale as well. These pins are highly detailed and glow under UV light.



3. “& the journey continues on with this one..”

In the comments to this original fine line work, Seng mentions that she wants “everyone to be able to afford [her] work” and aims for price ranges between 15-100 USD. She also says she works in fine liners, acrylics, and watercolor, depending on the project.



4. “Who loves dogs?”

Seng’s talent is so refined, she can make dogs leap from paper pages.




5. “Acrylic on wood”

I can’t tell you how much I’d love to adorn my home with dozens of these. Dozens.




6. “Have a magical Friday everyone!”

With Instagram captions like this, why wouldn’t you follow her?




Check out Seng’s Instagram and personal website to support her incredible causes.


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