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4 Life Hacks Every Beer Lover Should Know

Turn yourself into a one-person army with these amazing life hacks that use nothing other than beer cans. Instead of recycling those empties around your place, give them as many different uses as a Swiss Army knife with these tips and tricks that will blow you away. Check out how to upcycle your beer cans with some simple tools and level up your life hack game with these tutorials.

1. Beer can chicken hack

Blow your friends away at your next BBQ with this simple, easy, delicious and amazing recipe that will make you think twice about throwing away your beer cans.


2. Beer can Tiki torch

By looking over this simple tutorial, you can make this Tiki torch that’s perfect for your backyard with a cloth, some matches and a dash of olive oil.


3. Fix your car exhaust with a beer can!

This step by step tutorial will walk your through how to use simple tools and materials from a hardware store to fix your leaky exhaust pipe yourself. Save yourself some cash instead of taking it to a body shop!


4. Beer can grease disposal container

Instead of ruining your plumbing by putting grease down the drain or letting it get on your counter, use a beer to keep your kitchen clean.



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