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Poop Pills Are The Newest Thing To Hit The Glittersphere



There’s this stereotype that has gone around for years that women just don’t poop. Or at least not like men do.

Women have to hide the smell, the look, even the act of pooping from everyone in their life like it ISN’T some normal function that we all do as human beings. In fact, if you aren’t, don’t read this article. See a doctor.

But one company has taken this stereotype and run with it, with people purchasing the pooping pills hoping it’ll make them sparkle!




There’s only one catch: no one at the company has actually tried it. In fact, the GlitterPills company specifically states that people should NOT eat them. They have no idea what would happen. They’re called “Glitter Pills,” not “Glitter Poop Pills,” and are for decoration, not consumption.




But hey, people are trying it anyway since the company says they’re non-toxic.It’s made the pill that could make fancy feces incredibly popular. Hundreds of orders have gone out since the company started in 2013. I mean, they don’t say what they’re using them for, but the reviews are great!




But please remember: non-toxic doesn’t mean edible, it just means not poison. So while you might be joking about popping a pill in hopes of pretty poop, ask yourself one thing: even if it did work (and the evidence is slim to none but for this dog’s poop), are you ready to risk it to make your shit sparkle? Maybe just stick to using those pills for decoration instead.




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