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Mom Starts To Reveal Her Pregnant Belly, But Watch What Happens When She Lifts Her Shirt



Pregnancy is an extremely exciting and beautiful time in many people’s lives. For some, they like to do everything they possibly can to enjoy their pregnancy. Whether it be a pregnancy time lapse, simple announce, or something extravagant. When Adrien and Stephanie found out they were pregnant with twins, they decided to up the ante and do something awesome. They created a time-lapse to rival all other time-lapses and, in it, captured all of the moments they deemed important during the nine month pregnancy. They made sure to also include a shot of Stephanie with their twins, Leo and Chloe.


To top it off, they used their location to the fullest by using the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop for part of the time-lapse (that’s right, they live in France). Many people do really cool pregnancy time-lapse videos where they take daily photos and string them together to showcase the baby bump growing overtime. This couple, however, took it to the next level and added so much into their video that it tops most, if not all, other pregnancy time-lapses. At one point, Stephanie is seen holding a balloon and appears to be sucking the air out of it. As she does, it looks like the air is going into her stomach. Once the balloon finally deflates, the babies are ready to be brought into the world. Definitely one of the coolest ideas I’ve ever seen. Watch the video below to see the awesome time-lapse.


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