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5 Cool Photos From The Amazing Side Of Life


What’s more unlikely โ€” that these things happened, or that they were caught on camera? It’s hard not to think of the digital camera not being the most influential invention in the 21st century, isn’t it? More and more, the photos we take are how we present ourselves to the world, and often, how we define ourselves to our global audience.

Thanks to all the social media sharing platforms out there, digital cameras are now an essential part of a social life. And it’s a good thing, too, because there are some real gems out there. The trouble is that there are just so many images, digging through it all for the diamonds in the rough is tough work.

You’re in luck, though โ€” we’ve done the work for you!


1. This giant abandoned chicken-shaped church in Indonesia.



2. This apple grew the image of an apple on it.



3. A truck spilled carbon dioxide into the streets of Mainz, Germany.ย 

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus were able to safeguard the area.



4. A bonsai tree castle.



5. A dog catching a treat mid-air.



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