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This Spanish Teacher Greets His Class The Same Way Every Day, And His Students Love It

He had no idea his students were recording his entrances, too.

Every morning is a good morning in Andrew Ward’s Spanish class. That’s because each and every one of his entrances include a big smile, a “Buenos días” greeting, and extended arms, as he walks through the doorway into his classroom.

Students caught Ward, a teacher at Turner High School in Kansas City, Kansas, performing his typical morning greeting in a slew of hilarious clips compiled into one glorious video.

According to The Huffington Post, the videos were recorded without Ward’s knowledge as an end-of-the-year present.

“I was unaware they were capturing my goofiness,” Ward wrote on Facebook. “I realized after watching this — that I need to buy more shirts.”

We commend Ward for his enthusiasm and think a bit of positivity to start of the day is just what every student — and person — needs.

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