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Incredible Design Of Everyday Items

We always want surrounding ourselves with wonderful items.

Of course, this makes our interior more interesting and happier. If you are still surrounded with boring products, this article is certainly for you. Here are some everyday items, which have unbelievable design:

Bag Clips

These bag clips look like a real purse. You can easily attach a chain and start wearing your lunch anywhere with you. You can find it on Amazon only for $7.89.


If you are fond of space, you would certainly like these sparkling knives. They are so cool and stylish. They cost only $17.58 on Amazon.

Pasta Measure

Do you like pasta? If yes, you should certainly buy this wonderful pasta measure. With it you spaghetti will look like a real flower. It’s available on Amazon only for $14.99.


Telling the truth, I have never seen more amazing umbrella than this one. It’s really incredible. With it you would be able calling for snow or rain at any moment you want. It costs $25 on Fancy.

Cutting Board

Is it a spilled paint? No, it’s a real cutting board. Isn’t great? What else it reminds you? Maybe blood? Oh, yes! In fact, this spill helps your board staying stable while you are slicing or dicing. You can find it on Amazon only for $15.71.

Source: wonderslist

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